The Realness

Plant Your Seed NOW & Reap The Fruits Of Your Labor

Starting something new is scary and exciting at the same time. There are no other words to describe it. Starting this website and my YouTube channel was scary and exciting. Recording my first ever YouTube video with a before and after photo of my body was scary and exciting. Putting yourself out there is frightful for a lot of people, myself included. A lot of people know me as being confident, but you know what? I get scared all the time guys. When I think about taking risks, the fear and adrenaline starts to kick in. I tend to overthink things and it all gets fuzzy at times. But one thing remains clear, the risk of NOT going for it is the biggest risk of all. Staying complacent, knowing I settled, never seeing myself achieve my highest potential, always wondering, “what if…?” is scarier to me than failure will ever be. That is why you must take the risk and plant your seed now!

I’ve learned from experience that everything takes longer than we think it will. Getting my business ( up and running, getting my mind and body right, putting this website together, shooting and editing my first video all took longer than anticipated! My point is the learning curve for your vision is steep and you’ll realize it once you’re in the trenches. It is critical to just start.

Seeds don’t grow on their own. It will take a lot from you to facilitate the growth. You will need to give your seed some soil, water, sunlight and a lot of TLC. It is quite possible your seed may not even sprout. In fact, it is common that not all seeds sprout, this is part of the process… Therefore, you must start the habit of planting your seed now.

If you are waiting for that perfect time to plant your seed, you’ll wait forever. We’ve convinced ourselves to believe the illusion that there will one day be a perfect time or a perfect opportunity. There is no perfect time. We say to ourselves, “After we pay all our bills, after our kids are grown, after I get a new job, after I get out of school, after I get out of debt, etc.”  All of these are excuses that prevent you from planting your seed. The truth is, it’s going to take a while to reap the fruits of your labor. Growth takes time and commitment. The time will pass regardless so you might as well plant now.

Think about it like this, if you plant your seed now, then in a year you’ll see how far you’ve come. Your seed will sprout, grow a stem, leaves, develop into a little tree, develop into a growing tree and blossoms will bloom. The last part, enjoying your fruit, comes at the very end of the process.

I don’t know where I’ll be in a year but I know that I’m going to keep improving and fine-tuning along the way. I look back at when I started and it’s come so far in the nearly two years it’s been around. With that in mind, I know my latest passion project (Tippy Tales) has a long way to grow.

Plant with fear. Plant with your hands shaking. Plant with your voice trembling. Plant where you are and with what you have. Just plant that seed. Now.

With Love + Gratitude,