About Tippy Tales

Untraditional and unconventional in a lot of ways yet I am rooted to a few principles that will never change. I’ve grown to love to live light and free and value freedom of time over everything. So much has led to this me and this new venture of mine – Tippy Tales!

I am saying bye to a lot of “successful” advice when it comes to creating my own space. No rights, no wrongs, no rules for me… I am creating my own path of what I deem to be “successful”. Some things you may come to know I enjoy immensely are: business, health, fitness, beauty traveling, food, etc. These are just a snapshot of what I’d like to share. However, you’ll see different facets of me that I held on so dearly to myself, for so long.

Transparency can be so liberating in its own respect. I believe in the importance of being open and honest, as it is the best policy in making a difference in ourselves and in others. Tippy Tales will be 100% just that featuring tales of my life and tales of people, places, and things I find interesting. Some Tippy Tales will be fun, down-right entertaining, inspiring, thought provoking… and some, well… will be failures, tear-jerkers and everything in between.

Regardless of the tales I tell of myself, people, places or things… there is one takeaway I hope for: you find something in it that elevates you. I am not sure where my ride will take me but what I am sure of this: it’s going to be one for the books.  So, I invite you to join me on my ride through life collecting tales – Tippy Tales!

With Love & Gratitude,