How I Spent 24 Hours In San Francisco

Ever need to get away, even for a day?

Day trips provide a much needed break from the daily grind. After my 31-Day Keto Challenge, and staying true to a Keto 80/20 lifestyle, I wanted to cash in my 20% of indulging freely for a day with my husband.

San Francisco is an incredibly unique city in the bay area of California welcoming all through its iconic Golden Gate Bridge. With 24 hours to spend, we had to pick and choose what we wanted to see because it’s simply not possible to do it all in a day.

*Fun fact: San Francisco was the first city that I visited on my own after I bought my first car at the age of 18 (12 years ago!).

This wasn’t our first trip to San Francisco so we went to places to a couple of our familiar favorites as well as some new attractions. You can follow along my “24 Hours In San Francisco” vlog on my YouTube channel to get a more detail look.

There is one thing that remains constant in all my travels…I seek out the best spots for a spectacular view of the city and this trip was no different. I find great sense of peace looking out and taking in the essence of where I am and my first stop was the bottom of Hawk Hill road.

After taking in the close-up view of the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove down to end of the Hawk Hill parking lot and hiked up to the top of the hill to get this spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bride and view of the city.
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How spectacular is this?! Ah! Pictures can never compare to the moment itself, but we tried. 😉

The Painted Ladies. This view brings back my 90’s childhood memories of watching the popular show “Full House” – so nostalgic!

Take a ride on the city’s famous cable car!

The seafood selection on Pier 39 & Fisherman Wharf is fresh and plentiful!

My husband at Ghirardelli Square, isn’t he dreamy? Ah! Totally not bias at all, here. 😉

As you may know, we just started vlogging. This was the first recorded travel vlog we did together. We learned a lot during this process. We realized we were not taking as many photos as we usually do because we were vlogging it. I guess it’s all about balance and we did not do a good job at that on this trip. 🤷🏻 Here a few photos I took on the trip but I do invite you to watch the vlog after reading this as that is where you’ll get a full scope of how we spent our 24 hours in San Francisco.

With Love + Gratitude,